LubriSyn HA+ Pet Formula

Our canine companions have more than 200 joints in their bodies. As synovial fluid breaks down with age and activity, these joints can become sore and stiff. Support supple, lubricated joints, so your pet can maintain his competitive edge in obedience and agility – or stay active in his senior years. LubriSyn HA+ supports healthy joint function and helps maintain consistent levels of HA in the blood and synovial fluid.

The benefits of HA for your pet:

  • Assists the healing and repair of sore, stiff and inflamed joints, whether from wear, injury or disease.
  • Maintains the quality and viscosity of the synovial fluid.
  • Reduces pain and cushions and protects the joint from further injury.
  • Eliminates the stress, pain and expense of regularly scheduled joint injections.

The hyaluronan in LubriSyn HA+ is extracted from a non-animal, microbial source, resulting in a high molecular weight purified Hyaluronan.

LubriSyn is recommended for daily supplementation in pets.

Now introducing our new LubriSyn HA+ MSM!

After recently celebrating a ten year anniversary of the LubriSyn Family of Products, Halstrum, and LLC have just launched LubriSyn HA+.

LubriSyn HA+, which is still a Hyaluronic Acid supplement, has now added MSM.

“Since starting LubriSyn, our dog Charlie is much more playful; he’s rushing around stealing socks again, like he did when he was a puppy!
He brought a tennis ball in from the garden and wanted us to play with him, which he hasn’t done for years.
We just want Charlie to have a happy, comfortable later life, and LubriSyn has achieved that for him.”

Jo Trevellion