A Miracle Molecule for Horse’s Joints

It’s no secret that horses move better when their joints are feeling healthy. As synovial fluid breaks down with age and activity, their joints can become sore and stiff; this can have a drastic impact on performance.

Regular joint injections are expensive for owners and stressful for horses. Now there’s an all-natural option for joint relief that is easily absorbed into a horse’s body. LubriSyn HA+ is a liquid oral joint supplement made of hyaluronan (HA), a naturally occurring part of synovial fluid that lubricates aching joints. This patented product can provide relief for horses of any age, breed or lifestyle.

The benefits of HA for your horse:

  • Assists the healing and repair of sore, stiff and inflamed joints, whether from wear, injury or disease.
  • Maintains the quality and viscosity of the synovial fluid.
  • Reduces pain and cushions and protects the joint from further injury.
  • Eliminates the stress, pain and expense of regularly scheduled joint injections.

Now introducing our new LubriSyn HA+ MSM!

After recently celebrating a ten year anniversary of the LubriSyn Family of Products, Halstrum, and LLC have just launched LubriSyn HA+.

LubriSyn HA+, which is still a Hyaluronic Acid supplement, has now added MSM.

California Chrome
“I’ve been a trainer for over 40 years and LubriSyn HA+ has kept my horses, including California Chrome, maintaining their soundness and peak condition on a daily basis. I sure wish I had LubriSyn HA+ 40 years ago!”
Art Sherman, winning trainer of California Chrome at the Dubai World Cup 2016